AEON Klebang Ipoh supermarket, Shell Jalan Hospital petrol station won first place in the clean toilet competition

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari

IPOH: AEON Ipoh Klebang Mall won first place in the clean toilet competition for the public focal points category during the World Toilet Day 2023 celebration Ipoh City Council level.

Meanwhile, Shell Jalan Hospital petrol station here successfully won the first place for the Cleanest Petrol Station Toilet Award.

Both winners received a cash prize of RM 2,000 along with a certificate of appreciation and a souvenir.

The competition organized by MBI was divided into two categories, namely the Cleanest Public Toilet Category and the Cleanest Petrol Station Toilet Category.

Datuk Bandar Ipoh, Datuk Rumaizi Baharin, stated that for the competition, a total of 81 public toilets in shopping centers and 118 public toilets at petrol stations were inspected and assessed.

“Out of this total, eight public toilets from both categories were shortlisted through the initial assessment process by the organizing committee.

“The determination of the main winner was carried out by three Council Members,” he said during his speech at the inauguration of the World Toilet Day 2023 Celebration at the Azlan Shah Hall, MBI, here today.

Rumaizi stated that it is MBI’s hope that the program will enhance the involvement of public focus premises, petrol stations and various categories of premises such as places of worship, public transportation and other tourist areas within the administration area of the City Council for the upcoming edition.

“MBI, through the Department of Environmental Health, will continue to enhance public restroom monitoring and assessment activities with the 3E approach, namely through Engagement, Education and Enforcement within the MBI administration area.

“May this program serve as a catalyst to achieve the desire to make ‘Ipoh Bandaraya Bestari Sejahtera and Perak Sejahtera,” he said.

He added, in the mentioned program MBI also presented certificates of appreciation to six premises owners who participated in the ‘Toilet Of The Year Award’ competition organized by the Ministry of Local Government Development (KPKT) last August for the categories of Shopping Mall Public Toilet, Air-Conditioned Restaurant Public Toilet, Hotel Public Toilet, and Petrol Station Public Toilet.

During the same event, MBI also contributed a winning prize of RM 2,000 to Masjid Muhammadiah, Taman Tasek Jaya, which was selected as the champion in the Local Authority (PBT) Best Cleanliness and Cheerfulness category as part of the ‘Celebrating Visit Perak 2017 @ Year Perak Green & Clean Campaign.’

The World Toilet Day celebration on November 19 each year inspires efforts to address the global sanitation crisis where 3.5 billion people still live without proper sanitation systems.

The theme for this year’s World Toilet Day celebration is ‘Accelerating Change.’

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