Viral Food Delights at Royale Fiesta Lumut Foodie Town

By: Zaki Saleh

LUMUT: For those still pondering where to spend their weekend evenings besides welcoming the new year, why not head to Royale Fiesta Lumut Foodie Town at Dataran Teluk Batik?

Royale Fiesta Lumut Foodie Town seems to have revived the vibrancy reminiscent of the Lumut Sea Festival of days gone by.

Dozens of stalls, particularly featuring various viral foods trending on social media, can be found here without the need to venture far.

This is because the vendors include well-known influencers, TikTokers, and local celebrity entrepreneurs.

Among them is Street Chef Malaysia (SCM), presenting Mexican cuisine with Birria Wrap, Tacos, and Topped Nachos.

Royale Fiesta Lumut Foodie Town is a suitable location, especially for families looking to have a vacation.

Singles are also invited to come with friends and experience the excitement of this fiesta.

The fiesta will continue until January 1, 2024. See you there.

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