Perak State Taekwondo Association

Gold Standard of Martial Arts

by Anne Das

Perak’s martial arts landscape is rich with tradition, and at the forefront stands the Perak State Taekwondo Association (MTF). Founded in 2016, MTF has roots that delve deeper, with over 35 years of commitment to Taekwon-Do. Master Yong Kin Chong with his formidable 7th Dan Black Belt is the visionary behind MTF. He has devoted nearly four decades to the Martial Way and says that “Taekwon-Do is a tool to shape character, instil discipline, and foster athleticism.”

Master Yong Kin Chong: The guiding force behind MTF’s legacy of champions and leaders

Under Master Yong’s tutelage, MTF has cultivated world-renowned talents. Consider the awe-inspiring journey of Wong Chun Weng, 34 from Mengelembu, a winner at the Taekwondo World Championship 2023 in Finland, or the incredible feat of Yong Jin Rou. A student of Ave Maria school, at just 14, she became Malaysia’s youngest female representative at the ITF World Cup 2022, defeating 56 opponents from 22 countries.

Not to be outdone, Wong Wei Zheng, at 18, a student of St Michael’s Institution showcased unparalleled discipline by outclassing competitors from Italy, Argentina, Switzerland, and Sweden. And then there’s See Kean Piew from Sungai Siput, at 38,  a 5th Dan Black Belt coach, and Malaysian Taekwon-Do Federation’s top athlete, with tons of accolades (too many to mention!)ranging from the ITF World Championships 2023 & 2018,  ITF Holland Cup Master Series 2019 to the Golden Fist Award.

Team Malaysia 2x consecutive World Cup Team Pattern Champion Australia (2018) & Slovenia (2022). Led by See Kean Piew.

Diversity is MTF’s heartbeat. “Age? It’s but a number in Taekwon-Do,” assures Master Yong with a smile. Whether you’re a fledgling enthusiast or a seasoned martial artist, MTF’s repertoire of programs caters to all. From family-centric classes echoing with laughter to rigorous one-on-one sessions, each pathway is crafted for growth.  The physical and mental aspects of this form of martial arts cultivates mental sharpness, logical thinking, and emotional resilience.

MTF offers diverse classes, starting from 4 year olds to elite-level coaching, each designed to hone specific skills.

MTF’s influence extends beyond its training mats. Through self-defence workshops, collaborations with local organisations, and charitable initiatives, MTF actively promotes a culture of safety, well-being, and community engagement.

Like any institution, the organisation faces challenges, particularly in funding its athletes’ international endeavours. However, with a clear vision for the future, Master Yong aims to secure more support, ensuring that MTF’s legacy continues to thrive, producing world-class athletes and contributing positively to the community.

MTF’s mantra: Break barriers, persist and rise stronger

 For those looking to explore self-discovery, physical fitness, and martial mastery, MTF is a gateway to excellence. With its expansive network of 11 branches across Perak, MTF invites you to join its community, where dreams take flight and champions are forged.

Contact Information:

Address           : 44B, Tingkat Taman Ipoh 12, Taman Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh, Perak
Phone             : 012-501 2313

Locations: With 11 active branches scattered across Perak, Follow them on their socials for more specific information @

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