Pothole cause of heartache and anger.

By Zaki Saleh

IPOH : Driving carefully is not enough to avoid mishaps if one hits a pothole.

Anyone will get angry when a car or motorcycle is driven into a pothole.

This is what happened to a rider when his motorcycle hit a pothole in front of a restaurant near the Lotus supermarket in Station 18.

He said fortunately he was able to avoid having his motorcycle to spiral out of control.

“The hole is not big but deep, if one hits it, one could bend the rim of the motorcycle.

“Because it’s been a long time since I’ve been on this road, I wasn’t aware of the pothole. This situation is very harmful to other users,” he said.

The same experience was shared by a salesman, Muzammil Arif, who said he had hit the pothole before.

“I used to go to the supermarket there but didn’t notice there was a hole before I it hit.

“Although there was no damage, it was a big shock. I’m not sure if a complaint was made or not to the relevant party to patch this road,” he said.

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