EWRF and SJK(T) Ladang Strathisla Celebrate Ponggal Together

By KT Leong

The Education Welfare and Research Foundation (EWRF), Ipoh Branch, collaborated with National Type School (Tamil) Ladang Strathisla (otherwise known as SJK(T) Ladang Strathisla), in a celebration of Ponggal earlier today.

Ponggal is the harvest festival; a traditional thanksgiving occasion to nature, where ponggal is made by cooking milk and rice in an earthen pot, on a fire over a makeshift brick stove. When the milk starts boiling and overflows, people shout Pongolo Ponggal.

The event, which was spearheaded under the leadership of EWRF chairman, Mr. Sylverster Dhas and his committee members, alongside school headmaster Madam Mariayaee and the school’s faculty, was celebrated by over 60 B40 Indian students, as well as their families, the teachers, and EWRF members.

It was an opportunity for the students to show their enthusiasm while learning about culture and tradition.

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