MGK Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

By KT Leong

Methodist Girls’ Kindergarten (MGK) held a celebration for their golden jubilee (50th anniversary) in conjunction with their Annual Graduation Concert at Impiana Hotel on January 14.

Dr. Anna Wong handing out certificates
Pastor Dr. Cheah handing out awards.

The event opened with the national anthem, followed by a blessing by Pastor Dr. Cheah Sene Kar and followed by a speech by Chairperson, Dr. Anna Wong, who noted that MGK have provided affordable education since 1973 and will continue to keep their fees low and competitive.

The head of MGK, Mr. Cheng Hon Keong then presented a brief summary of the school’s 50 year history, followed by a presentation of trophies, awards and graduation certificates to the graduating class.

It was then that the highlight of the evening was held, a stage performance, months in the making, an original story called “Where is the love?”. It was performed by all the students and narrated by Mr. Cheng Hon Keong and Ms. Evelyn Har.

The performance tells the story of Sophia, a young girl feeling neglected by her busy parents who frequently argued with one another. With a lack of affection at home, and witnessing a case of bullying at school, Sophia was despondent at the lack of love around her, until her fairy godmother appeared before her. The fairy godmother takes Sophia through a sensational journey which lets her discover the many types of love in the world that makes up love as a whole.

This was an ambitious and thoroughly well planned performance which fully utilised the massive screen on the stage, as well as costumes and some incredible props, including a military tank! There was a hiccough or two, notably, when a net casted over some children in animal costumes, got stuck on the beak of one of the children, dressed as a parrot. But that was quickly resolved after an appreciative laugh from the audience.

The Annual Graduation Concert with Sophia finally finding love, was a testament to the dedication of the entire MGK faculty for pulling off such an impressive performance.

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