Orang Utan Island, Experience Sparks Excitement Among 165 European Tourists

By Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

Bukit Merah: A total of 165 tourists from various European countries were captivated by the natural behaviour of free living Orang Utans.

Hayden and Liz Bale, a couple from England, expressed their excitement at the opportunity to observe the lives of Orang Utans up close, calling it an unforgettable experience.

“I am thrilled to observe the life of Orang Utans and am impressed by the efforts of the Orang Utan Island Foundation in Bukit Merah, which is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the natural habitat of Orang Utans.

“I hope the efforts to preserve Orang Utans will continue to prevent their extinction. This is a fascinating tourism asset in Malaysia. Not only can you see the life of Orang Utans, but you can also gain a deeper understanding of them.

“We are also fascinated by the variety of herbal plants planted along the route. Previously, we were unaware of the benefits of tropical herbs. Surely, we will promote this interesting tourism product to our friends when we return,” he said to Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic during an interview on Orang Utan Island, today.

Meanwhile, Argiles Baro Roc, a tourist from France, expressed admiration for the management of Orang Utans on Orang Utan Island, particularly in terms of care and the dietary provisions given to the Orang Utans.

“I have just learned more about the natural life of Orang Utans, and it is an interesting experience to share with anyone.

“I recommend to family and friends not to miss the opportunity to see the real habitat of Orang Utans up close and safely,” said Roc, who will continue his vacation to Pulau Pangkor as the final destination in Perak before returning to France after a week in Malaysia with his partner.

Nurmalis Musa, the Chief Executive of Tourism Perak, who also welcomed the group, stated that Orang Utan Island is not just an ecotourism destination but also serves as a reference centre for researchers studying these preserved creatures.

“The diversity of ecotourism attractions in the state of Perak attracts the interest of foreign tourists, especially on Orang Utan Island.

“Orang Utan Island also functions as a learning centre that can increase awareness of the importance of conservation efforts for the Orang Utan habitat. Support from various parties to ensure the well-being of Orang Utans is appreciated, and anyone willing to contribute funds is welcomed,” she said.

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