Wandering cattle, owner denies that road user safety is at risk

By Aida Aziz

KAMPAR: The issue of stray domestic animals, especially cattle left to roam unsupervised is becoming increasingly acute, not only in this area but also encompassing all regions in Perak.

Left to roam freely, if an accident or incident that claims a life occurs, the animal owners will surely remain silent, rather than admitting the animals belong to them.

This issue is not new; it has been talked about for a long time. The enforcement action of capturing those animals has proven ineffective as the negligent behaviour just repeats itself.

The careless and irresponsible attitude of the animal owners has caused many road users to become victims.

Recently, a user on Facebook known as Sham Hafis claimed to have been a victim of unattended cows in the areas of Taman Camelia and Prima.

Unfortunately, he stated that he has reported the matter to the Kampar District Council, but there has been no response.

“Be careful, all residents of Prima and Taman Camelia, there are many stray cows… afraid of accidents.

“I was once a victim, no one wanted to take responsibility, reporting to the Kampar District Council also had no response, had to fix it with my own money, be cautious everyone,” he said on the Kampar Facebook page… we are Kamparians!!!

Recently, there has been a viral incident involving a school student getting injured due to stray cattle, located within this state.

User account YB Muhammad Yusoff on Facebook stated that the early morning incident resulted in a female student getting injured.

“Kindly request the farmers to ensure that the cattle are securely tied, as the cattle owner may deny ownership if it escapes.

“For my students, I ask for increased diligence and caution on their way to school.

“Ninety-nine percent of those who speak claim that the cattle should be taken for selling or slaughtering to raise funds for injuries and repairs to the vehicle that collided with the animal,” he said.

Meanwhile, the average netizens in the comment section are urging local authorities to be more decisive in addressing the issue.

Many are also upset with the irresponsible behaviour of the cattle owners.

“It is time for the District Council to conduct a large-scale operation to gather cattle supposedly owned by the foolish master. Don’t just focus on issuing parking fines; there’s a broad scope of work involved; this concerns lives,” said Azman Affandi.

“I’m sorry, but I want to talk about my village. When there’s a report to the District Council about cattle entering the village, they come to catch the cattle. What’s strange is that the owner of the cattle arrives first with a truck to collect his cattle. It feels like someone inside is giving information to the cattle owner,” said Mohd Al-hafiz.

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