Overgrown Bushes Obscuring Signboards, Damaging City Image

By: Rosli Mansor and Ahmad Razali

IPOH – “As a developing city, Ipoh should not tolerate overgrown bushes covering signboards,” lamented Shaiful Maizan Adnan, 50, a resident of Ipoh.

Shaiful Maizan highlighted several areas within Ipoh city where overgrown bushes are prevalent, particularly along major roads leading to the city centre.

“For instance, starting from Jalan Bercham, turning left onto the main road, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah towards the city centre, one can observe poorly managed overgrown bushes.

“The trees are getting bigger, and the weeds are growing taller. Some signboards are even completely covered by the bushes, making it difficult for road users, especially those unfamiliar with the area, to see the signboards.

“Furthermore, some signboards are damaged, with only one side remaining. This situation does not portray a positive image of Ipoh City.

“I hope the authorities will take action to clear these overgrown bushes as they serve as prominent entrances to Ipoh city,” he concluded in an interview with Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic.

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