Garbage Vigilante: Drain cover fallen, waterway blocked, garbage stuck.

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari

IPOH: The condition of one of the drain covers that has fallen in the Pasar Gunung Rapat area here is causing the waterway to be blocked.

Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic reporters conducted a site observation in response to recent complaints received.

An observation since a week ago found that the fallen drain cover is still in the same condition.

This situation has led to the drain section being filled with rubbish and stagnant water.

It is uncertain how long the issue has been occurring, but it is critical for the authorities to act promptly before the situation worsens.

This is because prolonged neglect may lead to further blockage of the drain waterway, accumulating more rubbish and stagnant water.

Indeed, the excessively hot weather and heavy rain at this time can also contribute to the breeding of mosquito larvae in the clogged drain.

Location: Drain in front of Pasar Gunung Rapat.

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