MBI Takes Immediate Action on Ipoh Light & Sound Issue

By: Rosli Mansor and Ahmad Razali

The recent viral issue surrounding Ipoh Light & Sound on social media platforms which Ipoh Echo and Peraktastic covered, has drawn the attention of the Ipoh City Council (MBI), prompting swift action.

According to a statement released, there was an internet network disruption on the date of the incident (February 17, 2024), which resulted in the malfunctioning of the projector.

However, the issue was swiftly resolved the following day (February 18, 2024), and the projector successfully displayed full video images.

Meanwhile, MBI acknowledged concerns about the repetitive content without updates. This is due to the high cost involved in replacing the display video, as it utilizes projection mapping technology.

“Despite the repetitive display, the tourism video remains relevant to Visit Perak Year 2024.

“MBI is actively seeking funding to produce new content as desired by the public.

“MBI welcomes collaboration from any parties to successfully produce new content for the Ipoh Light & Sound show,” the statement emphasized.

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