Revolutionising Physical Therapy in Ipoh

ReViVA Physio-Rehab Centre Leads the Way

by Anne Das

Ipoh welcomes a new addition to its healthcare landscape with the grand opening of ReViVA Physio-Rehab Centre at KMC Mall. This state-of-the-art facility, conveniently located within the Kinta Medical Centre grounds, is dedicated to optimising physical function and rehabilitation needs with a focus on delivering high-quality care and services.

The festive Lion Dance performance at the entrance of KMC Mall captivated the attention of many attendees during the grand opening of ReViVA Physio-Rehab Centre, adding an auspicious touch to the celebratory event.

The grand opening event this morning saw a huge turnout of clients, supporters, and friends of KMC, marking a vibrant celebration of wellness. Attendees were treated to a range of activities and a generous spread, including an invigorating Zumba session, cultural performances, and insightful speeches by esteemed guest of honour,YB Senator Datuk Wira Dr. Mohd Hatta Md. Ramli alongside Dr. Rajkumar Veerakumaran (Consultant Orthopaedic Specialist) and Dr. Ahamd Latiffi MAC Chairperson, KMC.

A candid shot captures the excitement as Senator Datuk Wira Dr. Mohd Hatta Md. Ramli and Dr. Rajkumar Veerakumaran cut the ribbon, officially inaugurating ReViVA Physio-Rehab Centre amidst a burst of confetti.

ReViVA Physio-Rehab specialises in delivering high quality care and rehabilitation services for various conditions, including post-surgery rehab, stroke rehabilitation, and sports injuries. With expertise in diagnosing and treating ailments such as Parkinson’s, sciatica, and neck/back pain, the centre is equipped to address a wide spectrum of physical challenges.

Meet the Skilled and Friendly Team at ReViVA Physio-Rehab Centre, committed to providing top-notch care and rehabilitation services.

ReViVA Physio-Rehab stands out with its unique offerings, including:

Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation: Featuring a specialised hydrotherapy pool equipped with a hoist system, ReViVA Physio-Rehab Centre ensures accessibility for all patients, including heavy individuals and those with limited mobility. Hydrotherapy sessions, starting at RM40, are proven to relieve discomfort and promote physical well-being, addressing conditions like arthritis, stroke rehabilitation, and sports injuries

Hydrotherapy ~ For patients who have significant mobility issues after a stroke, they can be hoisted into the pool and made completely buoyant using floats and buoyancy aids.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy: Addressing specific conditions affecting women throughout their lives, this expert area of physical therapy provides essential support during pregnancy, postpartum periods, and much more.

Paediatric Therapy: With a focus on children’s physiotherapy, this centre aims to help young patients reach their full potential by managing congenital diseases and acquired injuries.

Exercise equipment at ReViVA Physio-Rehab Centre, designed to support rehabilitation and optimise physical function for patients recovering from various conditions and injuries.

 ReViVA Physio-Rehab specialises in delivering high-quality care and rehabilitation services for various conditions, including post-surgery rehab, stroke rehabilitation, and sports injuries. Notably, the centre stands out with its unique offerings:

Promotions and Special Offers

From now until June 2024, ReViVA Physio-Rehab is offering special promotions tailored to different segments of the community:

Welfare Package for Seniors and B40 Individuals: Enjoy eight sessions plus one hydrotherapy session for RM 278. Take advantage of this offer to address physical discomfort and enhance overall well-being. T&Cs apply.

Student Package: Available for students from all schools and colleges, this package offers three sessions for RM 175. It’s an excellent opportunity for students to address any physical challenges they may face during their academic journey. T&Cs apply.

Ask for the Robotic Rehabilitation System: This innovative Robo hand, utilised in physiotherapy, aids in improving hand function for patients by targeting the fingers, toes, and wrists.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or simply looking to enhance your physical well-being, ReViVA Physio-Rehab @ KMC Mall ensures access to state-of-the-art facilities and a team of experienced professionals dedicated to delivering personalised care.

To learn more, contact them at 017-983-2705/ 05-2460562 or visit their Facebook page Reviva Physiotherapy Centre

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