Request for MBI to Clear Tree Branches Blocking Pedestrian Walkway

By: Rosli Mansor and Ahmad Razali

Ipoh – Pedestrians along Sultan Abdul Jalil Road are voicing their concerns as they face obstacles in using the walkway due to overhanging tree branches.

Nurazlin Mohamad, 35, expressed frustration over the obstructed path caused by branches extending from the fence, making it difficult for pedestrians to pass through.

“This pedestrian walkway is frequently used by the public as an alternative route to and from Greentown Boulevard.

“The increasingly tall and dense branches obstruct the passage for pedestrians. We are forced to step onto the roadside, posing a danger especially when fast-moving vehicles are approaching from behind.

“I once nearly got hit by a motorcycle that suddenly honked as soon as I stepped off the walkway to avoid the tree branches,” she recounted in a WhatsApp complaint.

Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic conducted a survey today along the pedestrian walkway adjacent to Sultan Abdul Jalil Field, confirming the validity of the issue.

The walkway is commonly utilized by the public, especially during mornings and afternoons, for commuting to offices or for lunch breaks at Greentown Boulevard, as well as by tourists heading towards the city centre.

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