Ipoh Parade Hosts Cosplay Party 4.0

by KT Leong

Ipoh Parade transformed into a fantasy realm as it played host to the highly anticipated Cosplay Party 4.0, drawing more than 300 cosplayers from across the country. The event, held in conjunction with the larger Haru Matsuri celebration, provided a vibrant platform for participants to step into the shoes of their favourite characters and embrace the magic of cosplay.

The make-up and costumes of the cosplayers concealed the diverse backgrounds of participants who, in their daily lives, come from various walks of life. Despite many being introverted and shying away from interviews, once in character, they radiate confidence and poise, embodying the essence of the characters they portrayed.

Against the backdrop of iconic characters like white-haired Furina from Genshin Impact and Star Wars Anakin Skywalker, to the playful Sun Wu Kong from Journey to the West, the cosplayers captivated the audience, with keen-eyed photographers aiming to capture the perfect character composition.

The close-knit community fostered a lively atmosphere at Ipoh Parade, where attendees enjoyed mingling with one another. Special appearances by Victoria Wey and MC Leo added to the excitement, elevating the event into a memorable celebration of creativity and fandom.

The highlight of the Cosplay Party 4.0 was the fiercely contested Cosplay Competition, where Muhammad Muzzammil Afif Bin Mohd Hamidi, 21 with the stage name Feefcoser emerged as the champion, showcasing an impressive portrayal of Charlotte Katakuri from the video game One Piece. Afif has the height to portray the extremely tall and well-built commander. He replicated the character’s very defined torso by donning a muscular suit, which impressed the judges and audience alike. The champion secured a remarkable total of RM1,500 in cash and prizes.

The esteemed panel of judges, including Frankie aka Liben, King Angel 天王, and Crazed Jokers, commended the exceptional talent displayed throughout the competition.

The 1st and 2nd runner-ups, Chan Yew Chyi, 21 and Yip Khong Chen, 28, respectively, demonstrated outstanding cosplay skills and each took home RM1,000 and RM500 worth of cash and prizes. Chan played a 17-year-old schoolboy named Taki Tachibana in the Japanese animated film Your Name in a touching and romantic plot, which touched the hearts of all present.

While Yip’s Yunjin from RPG Genshin Impact wowed many with her opera costume and dance moves.

Ipoh Parade’s manager for the advertising and promotions department, Lim Huey Tyng, expressed gratitude to all participants for contributing to the success of the Cosplay Party. She emphasised the inclusive and fun-loving spirit displayed by both children and adults alike, highlighting the positive community-building impact of such events.

Returning for the 4th year, the Cosplay Party proved to be a hit again, aligning with Ipoh Parade’s commitment to hosting inclusive and engaging events for the community. Lim stated, “We are pleased to be able to hold events like this which celebrate inclusivity among our community and set the stage for healthy activities, year in and year out.”

The Cosplay Party 4.0 was part of the larger Haru Matsuri celebration, offering shoppers a chance to engage in Japanese-themed workshops, enjoy photo ops at the Yukata photobooth and Anime 360 photobooth, witness Karate performances, take on the Sumo challenge, and participate in various game stations. The first-of-its-kind Anime 360 photobooth was among the most popular attractions at the event.


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