By Lilith Menon

If you ever wanted to see Taiping from a different perspective, head to Flytrike in Tekah and you will not be disappointed. Established in 2020 in Selangor, Flytrike is a company that specialises in Light Sports Aircraft(LSA) and sports aviation.

Endorsed by the CAAM (Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia) as well as being under the umbrella of the MSAF( Malaysia Sports Aviation Federation),with all pilots holding an MSPL(Malaysia Sports Pilot License), Flytrike pulls no stops in ensuring a safe and enjoyable flight for all involved.

Craft inspection before take-off

Using a Pegasus Quantum 15 model of trike, which is a microlight aircraft with three fixed wheels, this company has put Taiping on the map by being the only official place one can fly with a trike under a designated company .

LlObtaining permission from the local authorities and military, they were able to avail of the land strip in Tekah , a mere 15 minutes’ drive from the Taiping town centre.

(It is interesting to note that this airstrip is historical; it was the first airport in Malaysia, as well as the site that was ascertained for the legendary American aviator Amelia Earhart to land during her world flight.)

The Flytrike company chose this area mainly due to the picturesque aerial view of Taiping and its surrounding area. From Bukit Merah to Kuala Sepetang, every air route boasts a unique landscape be it the lake, the hills ,the sea and even the township itself. The kaleidoscopic sky also provides an enchanting ever-changing backdrop as the day moves from sunrise to sunset.

A little trepidation was imminent as I got into the backseat of the craft for my flight. The pilot Captain Faizal Sayed assured me that the aircraft can take up to 200 kilograms of load easily. The Flytrike Team took pains to thoroughly check the aircraft before take-off, which they do before every flight to ensure no errors nor mishaps. As the vehicle slowly made its way down the strip building momentum, the pilot spoke to me through the headphones attached to my helmet. He explained that the carbon footprint per vehicle was only as much as a small car and that we will be circling Taiping town. Before you knew it, off into the skies we went.

The picturesque backdrop of Banjaran Bintang and Titiwangsa

Seeing Taiping as a kyte might be a whole other experience. Not akin to a regular plane where one can only see mostly blue skies and clouds, we were able to clearly see the bustling town, meandering rivers and treetops down below. This is because the permitted height of flight for this aircraft is not more than 1500m from land. The pilot doubled as a tour guide explaining the various landmarks and nature’s highlights along the way. It was quite thrilling, with a smooth landing back on ground.

Flytrike’s Director Mr Syafiq bin Bahri

The founder of the company, Mr Syafiq bin Bahri emphasised the fact that the company also provides an employment avenue for fledgling flight graduates, as well as the basic foundation for aviation students via instructorship and clocking air hours.

Additionally, Flytrike introduces a new aerial sport to Malaysia thus indirectly boosting the economy via air sports tourism. Hence, they are open to any collaborations with the government in the future. They intend to increase routes and their fleet in time to come. So, head over to Tekah in Taiping and tick trike-flying off your bucket list!

For enquiries and bookings you may contact : 012-5440297 (Flytrike Sdn. Bhd) Or e-mail: Or follow them on Instagram and Facebook : @flytrikemy

The cloud’s hues at dusk frames the light craft
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