Collecting Used Cooking Oil Around Ipoh Brings Income to Users

By: Zaki Salleh

IPOH – Losing his job during the pandemic brought unexpected fortune to this young man.

Fahmi Yusoff, 29, did not lose hope and started collecting used cooking oil from house to house.

What began as a part-time job has now become his main source of income after four years of effort.

He used to drive a second-hand Perodua Kancil, but now he uses a four-wheel-drive Hilux for the job.

Fahmi explained that he collects used cooking oil around Ipoh daily, with most sellers contacting him via WhatsApp or social media.

The oil is then sent to specific companies that process it into biodiesel.

“Previously, I worked for a company that conducted recycling activities in schools.

“So, when I lost my job during the pandemic, I thought, why not collect used cooking oil?” he shared with Ipoh Echo and Peraktastic.

Every day, he collects around 70 kilograms (kg) of used cooking oil, purchased at RM3 per kg.  Sometimes, he collects even more.

Three years ago, the price of used cooking oil was RM1 per kilogram.

Fahmi said the demand for recycled used cooking oil is very high, but public awareness about it is still low.

Most households do not know how to properly dispose of used cooking oil, so it is often discarded.

“Currently, I use Facebook to be contacted by sellers and then schedule a time to collect the used cooking oil.

“Additionally, I collaborate with resident associations and communities to raise awareness,” he said.

Those interested in contacting Mr. Fahmi may contact this number: 011-31466683

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