The Beauty of Lenggong, a Priceless Natural Heritage that Needs Preservation

By: Zaki Saleh

LENGGONG: Over 3,000 visitors, particularly from the tourism community, enlivened the 12th Anniversary Celebration of Lenggong Valley’s recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In conjunction with this celebration, the Lenggong Outdoor Festival was held at the Tasik Raban Resort here.

The event gathered various communities with an interest in outdoor activities, such as clubs, associations, and tourism groups, including those from the Klang Valley.

Various outdoor activities were held, including water sports, competitions, exhibitions, performances, workshops, and sales.

One visitor from Kuala Lumpur, Izwan Ramlan, said he took the opportunity of the weekend holiday to come to Lenggong.

He said the beautiful scenery of Lenggong, rich with green forests and the beauty of Tasik Raban, captivated him.

“After the hustle and bustle of work in the capital, coming to a place like this is very calming for the soul.

“Although this is not my first visit, I am always attracted whenever I come here,” he said.

Meanwhile, the celebration’s official opening ceremony was officiated by Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Saarani Mohamad in the evening.

In his speech, he mentioned various continuous programs and initiatives to ensure that the development of Lenggong progresses in line with the efforts to preserve its heritage.

Among them is the development of a comprehensive conservation management plan to ensure that the heritage sites in Lenggong are well preserved.

“This includes improving tourism infrastructure, upgrading roads, providing more quality accommodations, and developing modern heritage interpretation centres.

“We must realize that this heritage is not solely ours but a global treasure that we must protect with full responsibility,” he said.

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