Appalling Lack of Management at RPGC

We refer to “Appalling Lack of Management at RPGC”, a letter from Priya Vivek which you published in your Issue 146.

We regret the trauma that Priya Vivek and family had to endure when the lift at the Royal Perak Golf Club malfunctioned and their inability to secure any form of assistance from the management of the Club. We can empathise with her; thus, we understand her anger.

We wish to make clear to your readers that we at Barossa Fine Dining Restaurant had rendered all assistance that we could. We are merely tenants of the Club and we too face similar problems when club facilities malfunction for we are also unable to seek emergency assistance. We did not run down or run anywhere else because we know that the receptionist will also be trying to reach the management which we had alerted through the proper channel. We were never invited to participate in any safety courses conducted by the management of the building so being ignorant of the Club’s safety procedures we felt that it was best that we left it to the Club’s management. Rather than being heard running around not knowing what to do but merely appearing to be doing something, is wrong. In emergencies, people who are not experts should best not stand too near, offering unsound advice and uttering polite nothingness. Being tenants we feel that we had done all we could. Unlike members of the club we would not dare to force open the lift doors for fear of being held responsible for damages or maybe even escalating the problem. We are not trained lift technicians.

Being trained restaurateurs we appreciated that after their rescue, Priya Vivek and her family patronised our establishment, and we did what we are trained to do. We served them well and to calm their frayed nerves we offered them free flow of our house red. We hope that Priya Vivek and her family will not let the incident affect them too badly and that they will recover from their traumatic experience.

We look forward to seeing the RPGC put into place a working structure to deal with emergencies.

Barossa Fine Dining Restaurant

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