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Hip Hop Festival

D Artiz Dance Studio organised the first Hip Hop Festival in Ipoh recently at De Garden. There were four main elements at the Festival which was dance, emcee, Dee Jay and graffiti. In this event, D Artiz Studio showed Ipoh the full culture of Hip Hop by having workshops and performances as Malaysians are usually only familiar to one element, which is “dance”.

The event started with a concert, showcasing a variety  of singing and dancing (in Hip-Hop Style), presented by Mr Mistery from Sydney, Urban Groove from KL, Silvya Lo from Indonesia, DJ Ice & Pitt Den from Penang and D’Vol dance theater from Bukit Mertajam. Dance workshops (Hip Hop, Waacking, Popping), graffiti art workshops and demos were held from 2-5pm.

The founder of D Artiz Studio, Claudia Loh, pointed out that the establishment of D Artiz Studio was to give opportunities to young people to know more about the hip-hop culture, engage youth through art and for youths to express themselves through dance.

Claudia further expressed that by giving graffiti art a proper platform, graffiti will no longer be a disruptive behaviour, but an art form. She hopes that through the Hip Hop Festival, parents and the community can be educated in order for youth to discover their new talent, new interests and a new platform to express themselves.

For enquiries, please contact the director of D Artiz Dance Studio, Mervin Yong at 017-461 8549.

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