“1 Egg 1 Child”

Dr Peggy C. Wong, the chairman and founder of NGO Living Hope, was at SJK (C) Bukit Merah on the 11th day of the year of the snake to adopt 100 poor, needy and marginalised children from five schools under its “1 egg 1 child” and “Educate a child” programmes.

The “1 egg 1 child” programme provides an adopted child one meal every school day while the “Educate a child” programme provides the children with the basic necessities such as uniforms, books and stationeries.

The beneficiary schools this time included SK Pusing, SJK (C) Bukit Merah, SJK (C) Papan, SJK (C) Lahat and SJK (C) Yit Chee, Pusing.

Wong, also referred to as the ‘Corporate Matchmaker to the Poor and Marginalised’ for her ability to obtain CSR funding from corporations for her programmes, also brought along 18 Diamond water filters valued at RM14.4k which was donated to 18 schools in the poor communities around the area.

Living Hope also engaged a Lion Dance troupe to spread the festive joy to the children who absolutely loved it based on their shrieks and screams at the antics of the playful lions and Chinese clowns. To date, Living Hope’s programmes have touched the lives of 31,956 young children.


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