Goal Setting For Success

If you are serious in getting out of a rut or simply want to redefine your direction in life, then Joshua Tan’s latest book – Goal Setting For Success is a must read. The advice given and emphasized, is to read through the whole book and not simply skim through it (yes this advice is for those lazy ones and you know who you are). The author has taken the trouble to design the material to ensure the reader is able to have a very practical view on goal setting. There are a lot of helpful and detailed workbook style layouts that can give the reader a real idea of what and how to plan towards the exercise of goal setting. The layout allows for quick reference, as each chapter is defined into different categories. Included in this book, are also a lot of actual examples which can be quite a good motivating factor, especially for those who may feel, theirs is a lost cause.

One particular popular phrase that is often used by society was corrected to give it more meaning and results…. PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT… better, when used as RIGHT PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT. Joshua also emphasizes that hardship is not a stop sign but merely a stepping stone, and this is important to understand, and accept, if people are to be steadfast in their struggle towards attaining their goals. A common phrase used – people do not plan to fail but fail to plan- is also something Joshua goes further to explain by providing a guidance tool – goals should be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound.

Having more than 20 years in the consumer sales arena, Joshua has written several short training manuals that is based on his wealth of experience. He has an MBA from Nottingham Trent University and is also actively involved in several NGOs, such as YMCA, the Haggai Institute, and FGBMF. Ipoh Echo had the pleasure of featuring a book review on another one of Joshua Tan’s contributions. The book review on the Effective Sales Force Recruitment (IE125), where an endorsement by Dato’ Daniel Tay mentioned it’s a “must have”, ideal for employers and employees.

For those readers, who enjoy uplifting and worship style songs, there is an added treat for you. Joshua has included a set of songs that he penned which are beautiful and heartfelt.

‘Goal Setting For Success’ (131 pages) is priced at RM24.90 and can be ordered online at: or call Joshua Tan at 016-512 7635.

Serena Mui

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