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Traders Causing Traffic Jam

On Sunday mornings, traders doing business along Jalan Horley, popularly known as Memory Lane, occupy two lanes of Brewster Road (Jalan Sultan Idris Shah) at the junction, causing massive traffic jams. The area becomes unsafe for motorists and traffic comes to a crawl or stops.

While I was taking photos, a traffic policeman who was on duty on a motorcycle, complained to me and vented  frustrations about the situation because MBI enforcement officers were not taking action. When I told him that I write for Ipoh Echo, he suggested that instead of writing I should meet the Mayor and complain in person.

Enforcement officers from MBI are present and I wonder why they are not doing anything. It is their duty to ensure that the traders do business within the stipulated area and not go out of it.

I urge the Mayor to pay a surprise visit to the place and see for himself the situation. He can also drive in a private car and experience the congestion and inconvenience.

Action must be taken immediately to prevent unnecessary traffic jam and enable traffic to flow smoothly.

A. Jeyaraj

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