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Ave Maria’s ‘Sparkling’ Graduation

On October 4, Form 5 students of Ave Maria Convent held a graduation night themed “Go Forth and Sparkle” at Impiana Hotel. The programme started off at 7pm with speeches from a student representative and Dato’ Liew Yin Yin.

Students from every class took their turn to either act or dance on stage. There were many kinds of dances throughout the night. There were Latin dance, rhythmic gymnastics, k-pop dances and even dances from the ‘60s. Students who danced to One Direction songs and the latest craze “Mother Father Gentlemen” by PSY got the most applauses and cheers.

Before the night ended, the students sang their theme song which they composed, filling the ballroom with voices of the Form 5 students. Teachers and students went home with wide smiles on their faces, sparkles in their eyes and pictures for memories while some went home with lucky draw prizes.

Susan Ho

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