The Foodie’s Guide to Ipoh’s Best Eats

The Foodie’s Guide to Ipoh’s Best Eats is a compilation of the best food reviews over the years from SeeFoon Chan-Koppen’s column ‘Musings on Food’ in the Ipoh Echo. Published by Media Masters, this book is SeeFoon’s expression of her passion for food and a personal selection of the gastronomic delights found in every nook and corner of Ipoh.

See Foon Chan-Koppen is a seasoned traveller having spanned the globe during her 30-year stint in the hotel industry. Even as she wined and dined in all corners of the world, she would still crave for the food in Ipoh, a place which she calls home for the past 17 years.

Organized into sections with 53 restaurants listed under International, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai and Japanese categories and a separate section of 42 different types of Street food with listings of 143 stalls, the book is clearly marked with symbols denoting Halal and Pork Free outlets.

“The book will serve as a premier food guidebook for tourists and visitors to Ipoh and help ensure that one’s stay is made more pleasurable and meaningful with the little eating discoveries and tips they will receive from this precious publication. Therefore, I wish you readers a pleasant food experience and let ‘The Foodie’s Guide to Ipoh’s Best Eats’ show you the way to enjoy Ipoh’s best offering – its food.” — Former Ipoh Mayor, Dato’ Roshidi Hashim

“I find her way with words, irresistible, her ability to describe a simple dish and make your mouth water; and make you rush out with newspaper in hand to the restaurant just reviewed and order the exact dishes.” — Dato’ Daniel Tay

“I have followed SeeFoon’s food reviews faithfully ever since she started her ‘Musings on Food’ column in the Ipoh Echo and having tried many of her recommendations I have found her taste to be discerning and absolutely impeccable.” — Puan Sri Dato’ Sandra Lee

This 176-page paperback book is priced at RM29 and is available at the following places:

  1. Popular Bookstores
  2. MPH Bookstores
  3. SS Mubarak & Sons, Jln Sultan Yussuf (Old Town). Tel: 05-2540416/2431362
  4. Manaff Store, Jln SA Lingam, Ipoh Garden South. Tel: 05-5459648
  5. Lourd Enterprise, Canning Garden. Tel: 05-5459299
  6. Indulgence, Jln Raja DiHilir. Tel: 05-2557051/2426297
  7. Royal Ipoh Club, Jln Bkt. Gantang. Tel: 05-2542212/2545646
  8. Burps & Giggles, Jln Sultan Yussuf (Old Town). Tel: 05-2426188
  9. Citrus Wine & Dine, Ipoh Garden East. Tel: 05-5451010
  10. Barbeza, Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh. Tel: 012-5205877
  11. Impiana Hotel Ipoh, Jln Raja Dr Nazrin Shah. Tel: 05-2555555
  12. Ipoh Downtown Hotel, Jln Sultan Idris Shah. Tel: 05-2556766
  13. D’Eastern Hotel, Jln Sultan Idris Shah. Tel: 05-2543936
  14. YMCA Ipoh, Jln Raja Musa Aziz. Tel: 05-2540809/2539464
  15. Meru Valley Golf Club members’ desk
  16. Khimzian Enterprise, 75 Jln Yang Kalsom. Tel: 05-2427381
  17. Sunway College Ipoh, Psrn SCI 2/2, Sunway City Ipoh. Tel: 05-5454398
  18. Symphony Suites, Jln Lapangan Symphony. Tel: 05-3122288
  19. Olympia College, 18 Jln CM Yussuf. Tel: 05-2433868
  20. Ibis Styles Ipoh, 18 Jln Chung On Siew. Tel: 05-2406888
  21. Daybreak, Lot 75242 Jalan Pulai, RPT Pengkalan Pegoh. Tel: 05-3235908/09
  22. Banyan Beauty, 40 Jln Raja Dihilir.  Tel: 05-2426866/012-5073866
  23. Ipoh Echo’s office
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