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More Than A Ceramic Art Exhibition

A ceramic art exhibition is currently on going at Lim Ko Pi Gallery until  22 December. The solo exhibition titled  ‘A journey From Earth To Fire’ feature the works of Ipoh grown ceramic artist Tan Vooi Yam aka Vooiyam Tan.
Tan, 45,graduated from the Kuala Lumpur College of Art in 1992 in fine art  and this is his 3rd solo exhibition.His art works include pottery, wood sculpture and ceramic art which is consists of oil paintings fused on ceramic tiles. For Tan his themes revolve around the environment, religion and children.

One in a series of his ceramic art, The Lost Childhood, depicts the happy faces of two children while behind them is a looming tsunami tidal wave. A description of the painting at the bottom of the art work states that “environment is in constant change and has an impact on our lives and then asks the consequence of our childhood which has conflict’

Tan describes himself as a third generation pottery manufacturer. His family has a ceramic factory in Bercham which produces ceramic products mainly stoneware.

After he graduated from college he returned to help with the family business initially starting with the designing. With all facilities available he ventured into his own art form and created his style which is 3D ceramic art.

Tan held his first art exhibitionin the 90’s and his Ipoh solo is his third with the second held in KL last year. The reason for the gap is due to work constraints which includes teaching ceramic art.

Nevertheless he has participated with other group exhibitions held in Taiwan and Japan which he described as countries that have a stronger appreciation for ceramic art.

Through  his exhibitions, he hopes collectors here will accept this new art medium.

Recently Tan has created wood sculptures and his creations generally are a reflection of his emotions. His latest wood works are titled Ah Chee and Ah Chor, two portraits depicting anger and frustration in stark emotion.

When asked what the characters were about, he said it was his expression of the country’s current political situation which he described as having read  and heard so much about but “I can’t do anything about it”

Taking another glance at Chee and Chor and yes, they do look like the politics of the day.


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