Early Christmas Cheer for Lighthouse Hope Society

The true spirit of Christmas came early for Lighthouse Hope Society when its first fund-raising project since inception in February 2006 was an overwhelming success.

The Lighthouse Hope Society provides free meals, medical care, haircuts, clothing, drug rehabilitation, legal and other forms of humanitarian assistance for the poor, hungry and homeless in society, regardless of race or religion from their premises at Old Town.

The event was organised by the Canning Garden Methodist Church and was held at their Shekinah Sanctuary Hall.

According to organising chairman, Mrs Ellen Yoong, the fund-raising project titled “Concert of Hope by Bells and Beaus” involved 70 musicians from Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Ipoh for this charitable event. They entertained the audience with cellos and violins playing Christmas carols and tunes.

Most notable were the rehearsals. They were spread over a three-month period.  The efforts and costs were volunteered free of charge in a classic Christmas spirit befitting the occasion.

The 70-strong ensemble consisted mainly of cellos and violins and included hand bell players led by accomplished music director, Ms Aileen Khoo. The night ended with a community sing-along led by Gavin Tang together with strings and hand bells for a truly memorable night.

Lighthouse Hope Society President Dr. SS Gill in his message thanked the organising committee members for their remarkable job and the well-wishers for their generosity in contributing to the hungry, helpless and hopeless within the community.

Merry Christmas!



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