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Like most people, the extent of my knowledge on stamps, is that you lick it and stick it! That is basically how you get your mail to the intended party, all over the world. Although a good percentage of communication is now done online, the postal service is still very much alive and well, even in the 21st century.

I was recently invited to attend the Philately (the study and collection of stamps, postal history, post marks and other related items) club meeting in Ipoh and since I very much enjoy making new friends, I jumped at the chance to broaden my circle of friends in Ipoh. Although for the most part, I was left quite confused (and unfortunately a little bored), my interest, was soon tickled when I observed just how passionate the members of this little club were about their stamps, postcards and other memorabilia. Some of the members came with folders, albums and other materials, all carefully collected, which clearly showed their commitment, passion and love for all things postal.

The Ipoh Philately club was founded in November of 2011 by a small group of enthusiasts, headed by Austin Foo, Khor Kok Keong and Bernard Loh. Since its inception, it has drawn quite a few new members, one of whom is award winning philatelist Vera Radnell. Her contribution to the club has been both inspiring and awesome as she tirelessly helps the members delve deeper into the world of Philately. There is also a group of high school kids from SMJK Sam Tet, who are very active philatelists, and are currently working on their own thematic exhibition about Perak State to be presented at an upcoming event. The SMJK Sam Tet philately members work hard under the guidance of Vera to come up with a collection that is worthy of respect and acceptance on a world class platform.

Also present at the meeting was a committee member from the Malaysian Philatelic Society (PSM), Mr Tan Chee Hui, to lend a helping hand by way of providing ideas and vital information on how to organize exhibitions in Ipoh, to create awareness and attract visitors to the Ipoh stamp events planned for VMY 2014.

These philatelists usually meet on the last Sunday of every month to exchange information and new discoveries connected to anything philatelic. They are a very warm and welcoming group, and would love to have new members join in the fun. If you would like to be a part of this very interesting club (which is certainly more than the ‘lick it and stick it’ mindset I previously had), come and join them and be a part of this new and exciting growth.

Serena Mui

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