There is Enough Water in Perak

“Perakeans need not fear water shortage and rationing like what residents in Selangor are experiencing,” said Dato’ Zainol Fadzi Paharuddin, Executive Councillor for Public Amenities, Infrastructure, Power and Water. The executive councillor told Ipoh Echo when asked to comment on the ongoing water crisis in Selangor.
Drinking water is sourced from two major reservoirs in Perak, the Sultan Azlan Shah Dam in Ulu Kinta and the Air Kuning Dam in Taiping. These two reservoirs are being supplied by water from ten catchment areas within the state.
“The water level at the Sultan Azlan Shah Dam is presently well above the 30-meter critical mark,” said Zainol. “Although the current dry spell is affecting other parts of the country Perak, fortunately, is not affected in any way,” he added.
The daily water consumption for the whole state stands at 1,039 million cubic metres per day. The figure represents 70 per cent of the overall reservoirs’ capacity.
Zainol said that there is enough water to sustain the population for the next four months should the drought continue for a period of two or three months.
“Therefore, there’s no necessity for water rationing or additional reservoirs,” he exclaimed.



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