Deejays’ Contributions to Society

From the beginning till now our deejays’ contributions to society have been much appreciated by the general public, especially television viewers and, to an extent, radio listeners.

They are not only professional in their presentation but are also knowledgeable in all fields, be it news-reading, interviewing high-profile personalities in both the public and private sectors and sporting activities.

I am awed by their talents and have always followed their presentations, on air and on the tube. They are able to crack jokes spontaneously. And this is what holds them dear to me.

As a retiree, I am always thrilled by their wisecracks and innuendos, which are harmless by all means, less for the sensitive few.

It is fortunate that the country is blessed with capable government officials who manage the national television and radio networks professionally. They are, indeed, an inspiration to the younger generation who should learn to follow in their footsteps.

The Information Ministry and related government departments should reward these presenters (there are plenty) for their dedication and hard work. There is no better honour than to be acknowledged by their own ministry for their efforts.

Kudos to these unsung heroes.

K. Letchimanan

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