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By Susan Ho

It used to be commonplace for young people to be glued to their handheld devices, totally oblivious to their surroundings and avidly playing games. That fad appears to be on the wane as live interactive games where one participates physically is springing up everywhere and is now up and running in Ipoh.

Great places to work up a sweat, let off steam, problem solve and develop teamwork

There are currently three live action games available in Ipoh: Laser Battle, Paintball and Break the Code.

Laser Battle opened in December 2013. Located at the top level of Ipoh Parade and beautifully decorated by a mural artist from Australia, Laser Battle allows you to hunt down your enemies in an area filled with realistic UV art. You can never fail to spot characters from the movie “Pacific Rim” in the war zone.

Laser Battle is a war game which doesn’t involve any pain. It does involve donning a vest with LED lights and you’re given a laser gun which you aim at your opponent and try to aim for the lights on the vest. It targets customers ages four and up. A game could hold up to 20 pax and there are currently three coloured teams available. Every game lasts for 10 minutes and every time you get shot, your suit and gun will be shut down for four seconds. Although it only lasts for 10 minutes, you will feel like it has been forever as you will be worn out running around the entire area, hunting your enemies down. You have to constantly hunt them down or be hunted in return. Points will be accumulated by the end of the game for every enemy you have hunted down. The summary of points will be shown on the TV placed right outside after you have exited the war zone.

The director of Laser Battle, Jonathan, came across the idea of opening a branch in Ipoh because he feels we need more active entertainment, especially for the younger generation. He’s a young visionary wishing to offer what others couldn’t. To him, Ipoh has always been well-known for food and not much else and this is where Laser Battle can provide healthy diversion. The games on offer at Laser Battle include:

Capture the Flag is a mission where you are required to run to your opponent’s base, collect their flag and return to your base to restore it without being shot in the process. If you are shot while you are having a flag in your hand, the flag will be taken back to their base. The team with the most flags at the end of the game wins.

Base Flag works the same way as ‘Capture the Flag’. The only difference is that the base changes every three minutes. You will then have to keep moving until you have found the base you were searching for.

Zone Collector shoots their enemies, collects points and brings them back to their base. Getting shot in the process will also bring them back to square one.

Friend or Foe is a game where you would need to identify who your friends are. You can only shoot your enemies to collect points. Shooting a friend only does the opposite, which means getting points off your chart.

Power Ball is a ball which enables you to score four times the normal points when you shoot your enemies. However, if you get shot in the process, the shooter will then have the power to own the ball together with the special four points.

Midnight Madness is a game where you have to hunt down your enemies in pitch darkness to score points. If you are afraid of the dark, you could also have the game in dimmed lights.

Infection Vampire is a seasonal game and can only be played under special requests due to extra preparation needed. In this game you turn other people into vampires by shooting them. You can expect random zombies and vampires popping up to scare you in the process. This game is not for the weak hearted.

Laser Battle games range from RM18 to RM50 per person. Packages like birthdays, customized corporate and tournaments are offered to universities and schools as well! You can call Jonathan at 012-2659249 or visit their website at http://www.indoorlasertag.com.my/ for more information.

Break the Code originated from Japan and is widely spread all across Asia. This game is an intuitive, unique, interactive experience that you can never find by reading and online gaming. This game is for those who like answering riddles, solving complex puzzles or are just looking for a challenge. Teams are required to find mysterious clues based on various story lines to solve live puzzles and ultimately escape the room within a time limit. Players are encouraged to work together as a team to solve puzzles collaboratively and the Game Master directs gameplay to add a touch of drama to the story. What is unique about the game is that you will have to imagine yourself physically part of the story.

This game requires logic, intuition and collaboration with teammates. You need to search and make good use of every item that you find in the room. All puzzles must be solved in order for you to escape the room. No violence is involved and minimum movements are required. You could team up from two pax and up. However, the more members in the team, the collective effort makes things much simpler and much more enjoyable.

Break The Code is located at Greentown Square and has been open since January 2014. There are currently four themed rooms available with the 5th one on the way and one of their target markets is the corporate market for team-building activities. The themed rooms are Kidnapped, Detective-X, Pirate Ship and Crazy Lab.

For more information, contact 05 242 0484 or visit www.breakthecode.com.my.

Paintball was started in the United States in 1981. Paintball is a sport which also involves teamwork and discipline. Players will have to tag their opponents with capsules made out of gelatine, water soluble dye and palm oil using a paintball marker, which is also known as gas marker. There are two kinds of gas markers, the mechanical marker and the electronic marker. The electronic marker is faster as it could fire 12 balls in a second.

Although gas markers may cause bruises, it is a very safe sport. Children ages seven to 12 years will need a parent’s consent letter to be able to join in. Non aggressive actions will be seen in the paintball field. When an aggressive behaviour is seen during a game, the game will be stopped immediately and the player will be given a warning. If the behaviour persists, he/she will be banned from joining the game. This game is all about discipline. You will train your stamina playing this game. This game is all about protecting your life in a war zone. Teamwork is important as you will learn to protect your teammates without being hunted down in return.

Games can be played indoors or outdoors of various sizes. The paintball field is usually monitored by qualified marshalls and professional paintball players. A game field is scattered with terrain which players use for tactical cover. Game types in paintball vary, but can include capture the flag, elimination, ammunition limits, defending or attacking a particular point or area, or capturing objects of interest hidden in the playing area. Depending on the variant played, games can last from seconds to hours, or even days in scenario play.

Players are to be in full sports attire to join a game. They are then given a mechanical marker, protective masks/goggles and chest protectors to put on. They will then be given game rules and are briefed on the safety of being in a game.

You can find a paintball field at YMCA. Games range from RM25 and up. Those wishing to play will need to call Issac at 019 571 1188 for more information or game appointments. You can also search “Ipoh Paintball Park – YMCA, Ipoh” in Facebook.

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