In The Name of My Father’s Estate (Episode 27)

By Peter Lee

After meeting with their mother, Mrs Patricia Lee (Lee Sr’s first wife), John and Michelle Lee set up a meeting with Connie (Lee Sr’s second wife) in John’s office to discuss the condition imposed by Mrs Patricia Lee before releasing Connie’s entitlement to part of the S$3 million in the Singapore account jointly owned by Mrs Patricia Lee and her husband. In the meeting, John said, “Connie, mum has agreed to release your family’s entitlement to the money in the Singapore joint account but on condition that you renounce your claims to my father’s shares in three of our family companies and all her jointly owned properties with father. Furthermore, we have no problem with your entitlement in father’s two bank accounts in Malaysia amounting to RM5 million together with the rest of the accounts in Australia with a sum of A$6 million and the one in U.K. with a balance of £2 million.” In response, Connie said, “To be frank with you, I am entitled to my share of  the entire estate of my husband and whether you have a problem or not with my entitlement is not my problem. So, please cut the crap of implying that I have enough just from the cash alone in the bank accounts.”

“As far as the shares in your family companies are concerned, I want to know the value of it. So, can you people roughly tell me how much it is worth?” For a few seconds John and Michelle were looking at each other considering whether to let her know. Then, Michelle slowly said, “I think it’s roughly RM20 million.” In reply, Connie said, “Okay! When can I have a copy of the latest audited accounts of all these companies?” John then said, “The auditors are in the process of auditing the accounts and it should be ready in two months time.”  Connie then said, “In that case, I will decide whether to keep my family’s (she and her three children) entitlement of the shares or sell it to your family members.” At that moment, both John and Michelle were irritated by Connie’s reaction. Michelle further asked, “So! Are you going to renounce your family’s entitlement to my mother’s properties jointly owned with father if you have all these shares and the cash?”

Connie’s reply was “Oh! I can transfer these properties back to your mother but pay me by cash according to my entitlement based on the present market value.”  Michelle blew her top and shouted “Don’t you think that is going too far? Connie smiled and said “I am just merely asking for my family’s entitlement my dear and nothing more.” In a fit of anger, Michelle gave Connie a tight slap and pushed her to the floor. While Connie was on the floor, Michelle started to punch her and she responded by kicking Michelle. Immediately, John tried to pull both the women apart but was also dragged to the ground. In the midst of the chaos, John was also accidentally punched by Michelle. Upon hearing the commotion, John’s staff scrambled into the meeting room and pulled all parties aside. Each of the women was pulled aside to opposite ends of the room while John stood up panting and in a daze. After the three of them regained their composure, Connie said to Michelle, “This will be a police report.”

To be continued…

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