Holiday by the Sea in Ipoh with Lampe Berger

Have you ever wondered why people go to the sea or the mountains for recuperative purposes? Its not just a change of scenery that helps in healing but it’s also due to the air having more negative ions in these places.

Now, instead of running out to buy an ionizer for your room which can be noisy and wastes electricity, try Lampe Berger instead and get a beautifully fragranced room together with your negative ions. All in the comfort of your home in Ipoh.

Lampe Berger are lamps which use a patented system of diffusion by catalysis originally designed for disinfection in hospitals in 1898. Maurice Berger the inventor then came up with the brilliant idea of adding fragrance to the process and the room purifier, for enclosed rooms in homes, was born. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The lamps caught on like wildfire and in the 1930s, people all over the world were buying these lamps not just for their fragrance and air-purifying properties but for the beautifully designed lamps. There were crystal lamps from Baccarat, Daum and Lalique and porcelain lamps from Limoges, all renowned manufacturers and quickly became collectors’ items.

Today the demand continues and though the designer lamps are rare and very pricey, the modern versions are equally collectible at a fraction of the cost and some homes have been known to carry a sizeable collection.

Fragrances range from Sandalwood (calming detoxification); Lavender (relieves insomnia, stress) to Eucalyptus (asthma, flu, sinus) to Anti-Mosquito scents with a total of more than 30 scents available. Because of the special principle of catalytic combustion, the Lampe Berger has to be used only with their range of oils.

Prices for the collectible lamps range from RM2488 to RM6888 while the glass lamps are between RM228 to RM499 and the porcelain lamps from RM388 to RM868. The Essential Oils are priced at RM138.

View the collection at the counter just outside of Marianis’ Restaurant at GR-11, 12, 13 & 13A DeGarden, 3 Persiaran Medan Ipoh, Medan Ipoh.


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