Royal Address

The Regent of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah said during his royal address at the 13th Perak State Legislative Assembly sitting here on March 31, “Everyone should understand the role of forests, which is Mother Earth’s natural reservoir.”

He said that emphasis should be placed on expanding forested areas and efforts at greening the state be enhanced. In line with this, 6,142.14 hectares of land will be gazetted as Permanent Forest Reserves. They are the Teluk Muroh, Piah, Lekir Muroh and Kelip-Kelip forest reserves.

The private sector was also urged to join efforts to reduce carbon emissions by participating in replanting activities via the Offset-Carbon scheme.

Meanwhile, the Perak Water Board (LAP) was asked to introduce a new dimension of social responsibility programmes, including education on responsible water usage, ways to avoid water wastage and water pollution. “All efforts must be made to ensure our water resources in terms of quantity and quality are not compromised in the event of a drought.”

He disclosed that last year total water consumption increased by 3.2 per cent and LAP spent RM87 million to upgrade the infrastructure of water supply.


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