Safe and Cleaner Waterfalls

Ulu Kenas in Kuala Kangsar is the fourth recreational waterfall in Perak to be fitted with the headwater early warning system. The system forewarns visitors of an impending rush of water from sources upstream by triggering a siren followed by flashing red light.

The launch of this early-warning system was officiated by Menteri Besar, Dato’ Seri DiRaja Dr Zambry Abd Kadir during the Kembara Rimba Bersama Menteri  Besar programme held at the popular recreational spot recently.

The system, said Zambry in his opening remarks, cost about RM370,000 each, including fixing. The state government would undertake to install the device at the remaining 12 recreational waterfalls in the state.

Three other sites that have been fitted with the system presently are the Lata Kinjang, Papan and the Kuala Woh waterfalls.

The field outing was also aimed at creating awareness regarding the risks of vector-borne diseases. Food scraps, leftovers and containers left by irresponsible visitors to nature reserves provide a suitable breeding ground for aedes mosquitoes and rats. This uncaring attitude is the primary cause of diseases like Leptospirosis and dengue fever which have proven fatal.

The Menteri Besar, along with students from University College Sultan Azlan Shah, National Service trainees from the nearby camp and the public, partook in a cleaning-up operation ala gotong-royong. The picnic site was spic and span soon after.

The Kembara Rimba programme is organised by the Perak Forestry Department. Its objective is to educate the public on ways to conserve the fragile eco-system. Similar programme will be conducted at other sites in the state this year.


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