Sponsoring Goodwill

Kinta Saujana Properties sponsored RM10,000 to Universiti Tuanku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Sports Club recently, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility project.

A mock cheque for the said amount was handed over by Managing Director, Cheng Heng Keong and Director of Kinta Saujana Properties, Khor Fong Sik to the managers of the basketball and table tennis teams, Adrian Yeap and Chock Yuijin, who is also the university’s Head of Corporate and Public Relations.

The money will be used to further develop the teams and to allow them to participate in state and national-level competitions, which require high entry fees. The money will also be used to purchase jerseys and sporting equipment required for the very competitive sports.

This sponsorship is a form of goodwill between Kinta Saujana Properties and UTAR as the former is the owner of the up and coming MH Unilodge in Kampar.


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