Bane of Factory Owners

The increase in the annual assessment rate from 10 to 16 per cent is beginning to affect businesses in Ipoh and causing factory owners to delay setting up their premises in the city.

Councillor Muniandy Sellamuthu raised this during the Ipoh City Council’s Full-board meeting on Wednesday, April 30. He said that it was difficult for factory owners to pay the additional 6 per cent in assessment rate, as their business had not grown in tandem with the hike. He suggested that the Council review the new rate and come up with a more effective solution to resolve the matter.

Councillor Low Leong Sin suggested that the Council explain to Ipohites as to why the rates were raised and how the Council plans to spend the additional revenue collected.

During the media conference, Mayor Dato’ Harun Rawi brushed aside the matter explaining that it was irrelevant. Almost 80 per cent of ratepayers, he said, had settled their dues. “This is the price one has to pay for better services. The dissatisfied few can raise the issue with the Council,” he remarked.


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