Learn Through Play

In conjunction with World Play Day on May 28, Hospital Fatimah’s community development team hosted a fun health workshop appropriately named, “Learn Through Play”. The theme was picked by the hospital’s consultant pediatrician, Dr Shan Narayanan who has an interest in child development.

“I chose this theme because playing is fun, and if it’s constructive play, kids can learn a lot,” said Shan to Ipoh Echo.

There were plenty of games and activities created and conceived by the community development team. And these activities were being actively pursued by the kids. The highlight of the workshop was the talk by Dr Shan about playing and learning.

The children had a session on food by dietician, Ms Mok Wai Keng who explained the various food items in the show basket and their nutritional values.

Hospital Fatimah organises a kid’s camp twice annually during school holidays for children aged between 7 to 12 years old. The participants at the latest workshop comprised mostly members of the Fatimah Kids’ Club consisting of those who were born or treated at the hospital.


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