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Bits & Bobs

By Susan Ho

In our current 21st century ‘disposable’ culture, one would not expect to see things from the past, let alone being displayed for sale in a shop. However, Bits & Bobs is reliving our past, albeit a more recent one.

Which snacks do you remember from your childhood games? What kind of entertainment did you once have? Bits & Bobs have things that would make you go “I remember those good old days”.

For food, they have homemade snacks like Pop Ice Sticks, Cendol, Green Bean, Iced Red Bean, homemade Ice-Cream Potong with fruit fillings and Ice Balls (NishiBomb-Sarsi and Asam, JineeBee – Rosella and Lychee, NingNong – Gula Melaka and Lychee, BusyBee – Sarsi and Rosella). They also have snacks like Panda bubble gums, Asam Jawa, Ikan Satay, Nano Nano, Soda Pops,White Rabbit, Choki Choki, etc.

If you are into antiques, do drop by to get some good deals. They have old furniture, light switches, old oil lamps, old lamps, old soft drink bottles, old suitcases, etc. Don’t be surprised to see your old car rims selling there too! You can also relive your childhood by purchasing old games like the Old Maid, Snap or Happy Family card games, blowpipe balloons, Snakes & Ladders and Pickup Sticks there!

Where do they get their items? Dexter Song and Nikhil Roy, owners of Bits & Bobs are picky when it comes to antique goods or any vintage items. They usually bring them back to the workshop for restoration to make them functional. They pick items from all sorts of places. It could be a random meal at an old joint where they spot something they like.

Bits & Bobs is located in a small lane right behind Burps and Giggles in Old Town, with an old trishaw as their counter. Tel: 017 419 6800.

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