A Candid Chat with Miss Perak 2014

I recently had the pleasure of spending some time in the company of our very own pageant winner Miss Perak 2014. This delightful young lady, Olivia Constance Nicholas was willing to take time out from her very busy schedule for a quick one on one chat with me. Right from the start, this beautiful young lady, was a picture of elegance and poise as she candidly shared her pageant experience and aspirations for the future with me.

Olivia firmly believes that joining a pageant is a good experience as the exposure from such events helps to build character. Thrilling as it may sound, beauty pageants are not just about looking pretty and strutting up and down a runway. There is so much more involved in participating in beauty pageants and the experience is clearly not for the faint hearted.

Olivia not only welcomed the challenges presented but also worked tirelessly to keep up with the expectations of the organisers. She kept her focus, by maintaining the mindset of a winner and this helped her get through some of the exhausting times. As a true champion, she held her head high, worked hard and triumphantly walked away with the title.

After her triumphant win and being crowned Miss Perak 2014, Olivia decided to take the next challenge presented and joined the Miss Malaysia Earth Pageant, where she successfully bagged another title, Miss Malaysia Earth-Water 2014.

Besides juggling all the different events she is expected to grace and appearances she is contracted to attending as the newly crowned Miss Perak and Miss Malaysia Earth-Water, Olivia is also a full time law student. This ambitious young beauty, understands the importance of education and no one can call her a beauty without brains. For Olivia, the next step after completing her law studies and serving her dues is to realise her ambition to preside as a magistrate. This beautiful young lady will certainly be a formidable personality in the future. She looks forward to the opportunity to help put the “bad guys” away, which she aspires to do without favour to anyone.

She gets her inspiration from her loving and dedicated parents who have worked tirelessly to ensure Olivia and her twin sister Olinda grow up to be fine upstanding citizens. Next to her loving parents, her twin Olinda is a huge part of Olivia’s life. These two sisters are so close that Olivia misses her terribly, whenever they are apart, as was the case during the recent pageant commitments. It was heart-warming to hear Olivia speak about their closeness and how the family lovingly and steadfastly supports each other. It’s no wonder, this beautiful lady has managed to achieve so much for one so young.

Serena Mui

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