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When a patient goes to Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun for treatment, the doctor writes the medicine prescribed on a leaf from the Prescription Book. This is a flimsy piece of paper and the next collection date for medicine is written on the reverse side of the slip. This slip has to be used until the next appointment to collect medicine.

Patients undergoing treatment for glaucoma, high blood pressure and diabetes have to be on medication for a long time and only have appointments to see the doctor between six to nine months. During this period the patients must keep this slip of paper to collect medicine on subsequent collection dates written on the reverse side. Eventually the paper, unless carefully kept, would turn into tatters.

Recently, however, the pharmacy has issued a Farmasi Kad, made of manila paper, which is long lasting and easy to keep. The hospital must be congratulated for taking efforts to make life convenient for patients. The hospital is trying to improve its delivery system and when improvements are made, we should show our appreciation as recipients.

Meanwhile, the hospital must work out a system for keeping to the scheduled appointment times. Often the appointment time is totally chaotic and there are occasions when the patient has to spend the whole day in the hospital waiting to see the doctor.

A. Jeyaraj

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