Mother Teresa’s Reading Shelter 5th Anniversary

Mother Teresa’s Reading Shelter (MTRS) celebrated its 5th anniversary recently. Dr J. Anantham, Director of MTRS, said that the celebration was to appreciate supporters and to brief them on its activities. He added that many things have changed at MTRS but their principle of every child being cared for, educated and allowed to mature to full potential remains steadfast.

The Shelter’s main activity now is to provide tuition for primary and secondary school students and is very popular among the students. The shelter continues its programmes like Kindergarden, My Book, My Pal Reading, Personal Development Sessions, Gardening & Landscaping and other one-off activities.

A charity lunch, organised earlier in the year raised  a sum of RM18,000.  Due to the good response this would be held annually. Guests for the anniversary celebration were entertained by a Choral Speaking performance by secondary school children.

The Shelter needs volunteers and sponsors to carry out its activities. For further details call Mary at 011 2836 6019.

A. Jeyaraj

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