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Conditions at Swimming Pool

Thumbs Down

Conditions at the Ipoh City Council swimming pool complex are getting from bad to worse. Both the men and women toilets are literally out of commission, for want of a better word. Toilet bowls are broken while some do not function. The doors of the cubicles are missing or could not be shut tight; and above all, the smell of the toilets reek to high heaven. It will put off anyone using them and on weekends and public holidays there are many users.

The pathways to the pools are in a poor state. Broken tiles and potholes make walking difficult, especially for kids and old folks.

Numerous complaints have been made to the Council by concerned Ipohites but they seem to fall on deaf ears. These problems are not new, as similar observations were made by Ipoh Echo in the past.

Come on, Ipoh City Council you can’t dismiss these problems for reasons of insufficient funds. Maintaining the integrity of the swimming complex and its facilities is your responsibility to Ipohites.

Please do something before we become the laughing stock of the state and the nation.


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