Funds for a Needy Boy

RM25,000, to some, may not be much but to 11-year old Harsvin Kumar, it means everything. In 2011, Harsvin Kumar and his family were involved in a road accident. The accident damaged his spinal cord and Harsvin is paralysed from his waist downwards. The boy has been wheelchair-bound ever since.

After three years of agony, Harsvin is given a second chance in life. He will be seeking treatment at a hospital in India with the RM25,000 funded by the public. According to Harsvin’s father, S. Danabalan, 47, his son has been showing positive results after a series of treatments in Kerala, India, last July. This has given the family fresh hope.

“I am grateful to the public for helping to raise the money for our son’s treatment. Words can’t express how grateful we are for giving our son a second chance in life,” he told reporters at a media conference organised by BN Perak Service Centre recently.

Chairman of BN Perak Service and Complaint Bureau, Mohd Rawi Abdullah said that the public had been very responsive ever since the programme on ailing children was aired on national television recently. He thanked the public for their understanding and sympathy.

Harsvin’s father is still on the quest for more funds, as his son needs follow-up treatments at the Kerala hospital.

Readers wishing to help the unfortunate boy in his hour of need can do so by calling Danabalan at 012 512 6201 for details or bank-in your contributions into Pertubuhan Masyarakat Prihatin Perak’s CIMB account0811‑000553851.


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