Christmas Carol Flash Mob

Christmas carols at Christmas time is normal but when 80 musicians complete with a choir perform in a crowded shopping mall in the afternoon and start up in a flash mob manner the season’s greetings and holiday mood take on a totally different atmosphere.

Such was the scenario on the afternoon of Sunday 22 December at Kinta City Mall when 50 musicians from the Kinta Valley Symphonic Society (KVSS) and 30 choral singers from the Perak Society of Performing Arts (PSPA) enthralled shoppers for 30 minutes.
At the foyer of the mall the crowd was waiting for the carolers to start. On stage was just a drum set quite fittingly as the opening number was the Little Drummer Boy.

As the single drum rolled suddenly a tuba was heard from behind the crowds followed by a flute from the above balcony and then a steady orchestra of musicians began to stream onstage.

As the foyer of the mall was being filled with musical notes the sweet voices from the PSPA choir next took to the stage which was when KVSS Music Director Eugene Pook emerged to guide the now crowded stage until the mall sounded like a concert hall.

According to Pook this was the Society’s last performance for the year.
His objective for the flash mob event was to share some Christmas cheer with the public but using the flash mob method to create a different experience to appreciate the performing arts.
Pook who for is always trying to get more recruits for the orchestra admitted the other objective was to create an awareness of orchestral music and hope budding musician would join them.
After the initial entrance carol the Society distributed song sheets where shoppers sang along to a medley of carols such as ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’.
With the orchestra putting everyone in the Christmas mood the joint caroling was a most heart-felt joy. As such when the half hour caroling was over the shoppers lamented why the event it was over so fast.
Undoubtedly Pook and the non-profit Kinta Valley Symphonic Society’s event as well as through its various events has advanced its objective which is to make the public aware of the joy of orchestral music.

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