Army Eco-Challenge 2014

The recently concluded army-styled eco-challenge brought out the best from soldiers of the 4th Malaysian Infantry Division. They emerged champions in the annual Army Field Command Eco-Challenge 2014.

The competition, opened to the four formations under the Malaysian Army Field Command, took eight days over a course of 160km beginning from the starting point at the 3rd Battalion, Regiment 503 (Territorial Army) in Teluk Intan to the finishing point at Kem Syed Putra Tambun, Ipoh.

The eight participating platoons comprised 28 soldiers per platoon, with an officer, a staff sergeant, three sergeants and three corporals in the lead. The remaining was made up of lance corporals and privates.

The soldiers were tested in five disciplines, namely: rowing against the current for 40km; compass-marching for 40km; bamboo-rafting for 40km; route-marching with a 20‑kg backpack for 40km and target shooting from a distance of 100m, 200m, 300m and 400m.

The objectives of the endurance competition were to test the physical fitness and mental strength of the soldiers, to build teamwork and forge comradeship, and most importantly, to test their military skills and preparedness, plus the effectiveness of the platoon commander’s leadership.

At the closing ceremony held at Kem Syed Putra’s parade grounds on Tuesday, October 21, Army Corps Commander, Lt-Gen Dato’ Sri Zulkiplee Hj Kassim, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome and conduct of this year’s competition.

Giving credit to the winning platoon, he said, “Coming ahead of the rest of the platoons by 12 hours, the personnel were well-prepared for the challenge, both individually and as a team.”

Second place winner was the platoon from 2nd Malaysian Infantry Division, while third place was won by the platoon from 3rd Malaysian Infantry Division. The Best Platoon Commander Award went to Lt Muhammad Akmal Hakim bin Baruddin from Team B of the 4th Malaysian infantry Division.


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