Telecommunication Tower Worries Residents

Residents staying along Jalan Lasam, Ipoh are up in arms over the construction of a telecommunication tower in their area. Construction works began some six months ago and it is becoming apparent that a deferment will not take place although a formal complaint has been lodged with Ipoh City Council.

Retiree Ho Mook Sing, 58, who has been living in the said area for over 20 years, expressed his fear when met by Ipoh Echo recently. “My major worry is the after-effects of electromagnetic waves emanating from the tower once it’s in operation. They will definitely have an impact on residents’ health, as tests have proven so.”

The residents have objected to the tower being built in their area and had, collectively, filed a complaint with Ipoh City Council in October 2014.

“The Council had, subsequently, issued a stop-work order to the contractor, as the facility doesn’t comply by conditions stipulated. However, works on the tower continue unabated. The irresponsible attitude of the contractor and the owner of the tower is worrying, as people’s health is at risk,” Ho protested. “I hope the Council will do something before tragedy strikes.”

Dato’ Khalid Abdul Halim, 79, formerly the Director of Education Perak and a long-time resident of Jalan Lasam is similarly perturbed by events taking place in this quiet neighbourhood.

“The majority of the residents here are pensioners and retirees who had contributed to the well being of Ipoh and the state. We want nothing more than peace and quiet to while away our remaining years,” he lamented. “The Council should not abdicate its responsibilities for pecuniary reasons. Residents’ health and safety take precedence.”

According to Puan Normala Latiff of Ipoh City Council, a stop-work order was issued to the contractor on Thursday, November 20, 2014. The one-month notice expired on Saturday, December 20, 2014. The landowner, Majlis Agama Islam Perak and the contractor appealed against the decision and were given a month’s extension. The grace period expires on Friday, January 23.


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