Illegal Dump Sites on the Rise

Some 1263 illegal dump sites have been identified by Ipoh City Council and these sites are set to increase in number if nothing concrete is done to arrest their proliferation.

According to Council Secretary, Mohd Zakuan Zakaria, actions to clear these illegal sites are underway. “Clearing will be done on a monthly basis,” he told media representatives after returning from a tour of illegal dumpsites in the city.

“The areas covered are Halaman Ampang Mewah, Jalan Lasam, Jalan Tun Dr Ismail and Lorong Rani. The clearing involved 30 council workers and dumpsters belonging to the council,” he said.

Zakuan attributed the cause to residents’ apathy and habits. “Although wrongdoers have been fined and compounded, old habits are difficult to overcome,” said Zakuan. He suggested enforcement officers to move about the city incognito, as a possible solution. “Their job is to spy on potential culprits,” he added.

Over 200 illegal dump sites were cleared during the blitz on Thursday, January 22 which saw the Secretary heading a hurriedly-formed team consisting of officers and men from the health, enforcement and community departments.

The after-effects of illegal dump sites are environmental degradation and the breeding of mosquitoes. The primary cause of dengue is traced to these sites.

The council calls on residents not to dispose their rubbish at their whim but to place them in bins and let the council dumpsters pick them up on the scheduled dates. A fine of between RM100 to RM150 will be imposed on those found disposing rubbish illegally.


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