Helping People to Help Themselves

The St John’s Community Help Service (CHS) organised an open day recently at its premises with the primary objective to help those who don’t know where to get help. It was also to create awareness regarding services on offer by the organisation.

The event was open to the public and was supported by government agencies such as the state health department who provided free health screening and dengue-awareness lessons. JobsMalaysia was also present to assist young graduates find their career pathways. Besides these free services, there were also booths for visitors to buy food, clothes, books, souvenirs and knick knacks.

According to CHS coordinator, Jebasundar, the event was held with the aim of bridging the gap between government agencies and the community and to tell those in need of help that help is out there. He added that after two years of hard work, their tagline, ‘Helping People to Help Themselves’ seems to work.

“People come in with many problems. We learn about their problems and help guide them through their problems. People come to seek assistance, mostly for employment, citizenship, welfare, education or just to pour out their sorrows,” he said.

Ruth Yates, also a coordinator for CHS, said that they are planning on extending their services and getting the word out to those in need via the social media.

The St John’s Community Help Service is open to all people and for all problems, big or small. Services are available on Tuesdays and Saturdays at the Kindergarten Room 1, St John’s Church.

For more information, email or visit their Facebook:


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