Residents Suffer in Silence

The embankment of Sungai Keledang near a housing estate in Kampung Sri Aman, Menglembu is badly damaged. A sudden deluge would cause the river to swell and inundate the village.

According to resident Fatimah Birdin, 53, this has been happening since 2010. Flash floods are so common in Kampung Sri Aman largely due to the damaged embankment and exacerbated by rubbish which clogged up the waterway. The bunds, incidentally, are not designed to withstand large volumes of water.

Kampung Sri Aman, said Ariffin Mansor, 48, is in dire need of basic amenities like other villages. He lamented the lack of signage and non-functioning lampposts. The area becomes dark at night thus endangering road users. He also complained about the unkempt condition of the vacant land across the road, as it would be an ideal breeding ground for snakes and other harmful reptiles.

“I’ve made several trips to various government departments, but the problems remain unresolved. We’re not squatters, but we’re being treated like one,” he told Ipoh Echo. The residents hope the authorities would appreciate their predicament and help overcome their long-standing problems so they could continue with their lives unhindered.


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