Brahma Kumaris Ipoh

Brahma Kumaris Ipoh organised a talk on, ‘A happy story of an unhappy person’, recently at the Brahma Kumaris Ipoh Centre.

The objective of the talk was to empower people with happiness tips, explore aspects of contentment, self-leadership and how to deal with pressures and challenges for lasting happiness.

The guest speaker was Marcelo Bulk Gimenez, a well known consultant, author and coach from Columbia. Marcelo is a National Coordinator of the Brahma Kumaris in Columbia and he has been with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual for some 30 years.

Brahma Kumaris has centres throughout Malaysia offering courses and seminars that encourage self-empowerment and personal transformation. They work with various spectrums of the society, namely corporations, schools, universities and colleges, various media groups including Astro, governmental agencies and NGOs, including prisons and drug rehabilitation centres and underprivileged groups.

The Ipoh branch started in 1995. Almost every month it organises talks by experienced speakers. Basic courses are covered in 7 days for beginners before they step into their regular classes. The motto of Brahma Kumaris is, ‘When I change, the world changes’.

According to Selvapooba, Vice President of Brahma Kumaris Ipoh, the courses are offered free of charge as a service to the community. Lectures, exhibitions, seminars on topics related to self-empowerment, values education and self-management leadership, including practical meditation are also held.

“Thousands of people have benefited, in terms of character building, improved health and concentration power and the ability to face challenges and changes head-on,” said Selvapooba to Ipoh Echo.


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